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About Us

We are a leading PR consulting firm for blockchain and high tech companies. With industry veterans in the U.S., Europe and China, our team helps clients enter oversea markets, boost their brand awareness and reputation, quickly gain new users and partners, and increase business profits.


For blockchain clients, some of our expertise include strategy consulting, global and top-tier tech & crypto media coverage, community management, bounty and airdrop campaigns, digital and influencer marketing, conferences and roadshows, etc. We have served clients in the global top 100 market cap, and have built strong relationship with investors, lawyers, developers, and other key partners.


Jimmy Zhang
Founding Partner
Sybil Li
Content Management
Meredith Wang
Media Relations
New York
Joe G.
Community Consultant
​Summer Gu
Community Management
San Francisco
Lukina Zhu
Founder & President
Summer Lin
Project Management
New York
Jenna S.
Content Creation
New York
Saad M.
Content Creation
New York

Strategic Partnership

Bella Long
New York
Ophélie Chou
Saintete Global LLC


Howard Geltzer
NYU Stern School of Business
New York
​Jasmine Wang
Producer of Columbia University "Impact Investing" case study series
New York